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About H.B Casper

H.B. Casper welcomes you to the world of exotic classic car rentals & services.

H.B. Casper offers prop rentals for wedding photos, photography, film production & aesthetical purposes! Not only does H.B. Casper offer a lineup for your rental needs, we can provide an array of after-classic automobile services including minimal auto restorations, refurbishment, and even classic mobile Bar Trucks! Being based out of sunny Beverly Hills, we have the good fortune of catering to the great state of California.

No matter the event in mind, H.B. Casper can make your vision come true. We offer a boutique lineup of hand-selected of vehicles which shows that we truly believe in quality over quantity with our fleet of vehicles. Attached, you will find all information regarding services, rates and rental terms. Please feel free to reach out with any inquires, further information or concerns regarding our services!


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