1927 Ford Model T

“Out with the Old in with the Older”

A once forgotten farm truck from a field in Wisconsin has now turned to a treasure. Our 1927 Ford Model T Coupe didn’t always look so put together. In fact, it was a fully intact rusted pile of steel that hadn’t run in years, until owner Brandon Fay got hold of it.

After hours of breakdown and parts inventory, it was time to begin design layout. First, we took all original parts and portioned them out to evaluate what we may need to rebuild, replace, or find. After getting all the necessary parts, it was time to free the engine up. After doing a full rebuild on the crankcase and drivetrain, the 1927 Ford lived again!

Now that the car was able to drive and move forward, it was time to start from the bottom up. Starting with the chassis and the body, we stripped, painted, and prepared all bare metal surfaces making them smooth and compliant again. From there, all cosmetic damage was either fixed or re-fabricated to look new again.

The overall outcome of the car was not designed to be stock but to be period correct given the different color schemes and mechanical parts added after the fact. After installing all needed interior parts, it was time to add the new vinyl roof the finish it off.

Our 1927 Model T Coupe Jalopy, although different, from your average Model T, it boasts its own profile against all others. Our 1927 Ford Model T restoration has since gained many articles, press and traction over the years from the East to the West Coast. One such appearance includes being premiered on “Jay Lenos Garage” as a spotlight segment!

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