1962 Ford F100

The Forgotten Movie Star

What seemed to be a normal purchase, turned into a fascinating story. After locating and purchasing what seemed to be a normal 1962 Ford F100 from a movie lot out of Southern California, turned out to have an extensive history behind it. Covered with patina, the truck seemed to be in rough shape, but in fact, it was a fully intact project. It was covered in layers of paint from when it was commissioned by the US Navy Truck during the Vietnam war, after which, it became a star in motion pictures dating all the way back to 1974.

Without hesitation, we preserved the patina with boiled linseed oil. Given the history that the truck carried, we added tasteful accessories, the correct badging and all items that may have been missing. After deep cleaning and tastefully re-upholstering the interior bench seat, we made sure to keep true to the textures by preserving all the modifications and blemishes that may have happened over the many years.

Getting the truck running was a no brainer given the simplicity of the vehicle. After a quick run through, minor adjustments, and a full engine tune up, the Ol’ Gal was ready for the road and cameras again. Unfortunately, the entire wood bed was rotted out and no longer salvageable, although the hardware was. After cleaning and re-adjusting all the hardware to allow new wood to be inserted, we added freshly treated and sealed oak panels to finish the truck. She is now a Leading Lady again, ready for the big or small screen and paparazzi.

Mirame 1958 International Metro Van Custom Mobile Bar

The Traveling Bar Retro fitment

What started out as a Los Angeles based milk truck running deliveries to your average suburban home was left to die in Long Beach, California. Now that the days of the getting your milk delivered are long gone, the use for these trucks became obsolete. 

After being located and scouted, the truck itself needed an abundance of work to make it something useable.  With a dream and an empty shell, Mirame, an award-winning restaurant in Beverly Hills, California, contracted H.B. Casper to create a one of a kind traveling bar, to represent the company.

Prior to doing any physical work to the car an intensive design plan was put in place for the truck to create a bar as efficiently as possible. After coming to an agreement on the layout the initial breakdown of the truck began. Much like our Ford Model T we dismantled and began the break down to the bare bones. After doing that we started stripping down to the interior frame to make sure the structural integrity of the automobile was still in place.

Once finding out the structure and mechanical integrity of the van where intact it was time to begin the fabrication. Starting with cutting and framing the service window we then reinforced the structure id the vehicle walls. From there we started the electrical wiring of the truck. We equipped the entre van with a 120V electrical system like the ones we use in our household’s day to day. After completing this we began to lay oak wood panels on the interior of both sides work with the aesthetic of the restaurant

All appliances and fixtures within where customed ordered or build to fit and work properly for this vehicle. The client wanted to keep the patina of the truck to show the history of it instead of covering it up. We began sanding and prepping to reveal the true value of the patina on the truck. Once the patina was uncovered, we sealed it with Boiled Linseed oil to show the true history the truck had within it. Once the refurbishment was completed it was time to create a fully function cocktail bar with running water, refrigeration, and a slushy machine…all the important needs necessary to be one of the most unique Cocktail Bars in Beverly Hills, of course! What was once a boring milk van is now a traveling statement piece like no other.

You’ll be sure to find this amazing 1958 IH Metro Van Bar Truck at Mirame, in the Heart of the Golden triangle of Beverly Hills, CA. Don’t miss a picture-perfect moment with its custom NOS Neon side we had made for the truck while you’re there!

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